standard Strawberry Picking Near Huddersfield, Wakefield Barnsley

IMAG0091One of our yearly things that we do as a family is go Strawberry Picking. Strawberries from the supermarket do not compare to the taste of a Strawberry that has been freshly picked. Plus it is good for the kids to get out in the countryside for an hour or so and do something as a family. Bentley Grange Fruit Picking is where we have been going in recent years all the other smaller fruit picking sites around this area seem to have stopped growing.

In addition to Strawberries they also grow Gooseberries, Red Currents, Black Currents and Raspberries. There is a small shop on the farm that sells other items such as Eggs, locally Produced Honey and other items. To compliment the Strawberries they also sell Fresh Cream.

We always get some My Freeze Ice Pops and sit down on the grass a while. For the last 2 years they have also sold ice cream that is produced at another local farm called Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream.

Strawberry Picking West YorkshireSome of the other sites where you can pick Strawberries always have the strawberries growing on the floor. This leads to bending over getting back ache and can make finding and picking fruit a bit of a chore. However this place has tables around chest height with grow bags running along the tops. Each table is around 30 metres long. The advantage of growing the fruit this way is that the fruit is less prone to disease from insects but it also makes picking the fruit easy. You just walk along and you can see the heavier Strawberries that are ready and red hanging down.

Below you can see the location of the Farm where you can go fruit picking. If using the postcode on a sat nav it may take you off route thus check this map first.

Bentley Grange
Woodhouse Lane

Website :

Opening time vary so always check before hand they update their website throughout the days to indicate if all the fruit has been picked and if they are waiting for more top ripen.

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