standard Running Up and Down John Smiths Stadium Steps in Huddersfield

A bit closer to home than Scammonden Dam Steps yesterday I instead ran up and down and around the stadium steps in Huddersfield. This was more of a case of sustained exertion due to me running down a flight of stairs to recover and get my breath back before turning around and coming back up the steps.

My Endomondo GPS running tracker seemed to mess up on this run. I think due to the steps being quite short down and then back up the path shown on the map did not include the steps. It said that my Ascent was 44 foot and descent was 0 foot. Obviously this was not true as I went around the stairs 3 times and there is around 21 flights of stairs on each circuit. The app also logged my Calories as just 195 and my distance run at only 1.2 miles. I would have expected in the time I ran of 38 minutes to have done at least double those figures and this is what I will input into my daily training log.

Below is the data from my Endomondo App for the stadium steps like I mentioned above the data is wrong but you can see the location and circular route that was taken.

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