standard Huddersfield Carnival 2014

dragon 2
Having lived in Huddersfield all my life and growing up as a boy living very close to Greenhead Park I have been to the Huddersfield Carnival many times. This year we waiting in the town centre and waiting to watch the floats go by. Each float has it’s own team of dancers many dressed in fancy colours and some dressed as dragons etc. The music is reggae music and is extremely loud. Families and people of all ages and background line the streets to feel the atmosphere and dance to the music.

Once the procession came to and end we started to walk up Trinity Street to go to Greenhead Park where the dancers all perform on stage. All the road was closed and as we walked up beside the floats the atmosphere started to build as hundreds of people were dancing and partying in the street

The event had tight security with people being searched at the park entrances and IMAG0124security guards not letting people in with their own alcohol. There was a fair ground there with various rides. In the main field there was the stage. Lining the sides of the field were tens on food outlets selling all kinds of West Indian Food such as jerk Chicken and Pate. There were many other food outlets selling Burgers, Chips Curries etc.

We stayed and had a few drinks before walking back to Newsome. We tend to leave the event earlier before people have too much to drink and gHuddersfield Carnival 2014et out of control. Saying that while we were there we so no trouble. The event is patrolled by lots of security guards and police.

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