Dieting and Weight Loss

Years of working in an office and having very little exercise along with eating and drinking far too much took it’s toll on me. In 2009 I weighed around 17 stone. Once while camping and joining in a game of football with the kids and practically killing myself after 10 minutes of running around I decided that I needed to do something.Me Over Weight in 2009 I then joined the gym. However I soon lost track of my original goal of getting fitter and mainly used the gym to do weight training. Avoiding running and cardio to take the easy route of lifting weights was what I did for 2 years.

However after not losing much weight I think I lost around half a stone I decided that I also needed to change my diet. I started using the website and android App MyFitness Pal. After following this for around 3 months I got down to around 15 stone. I think the main reason for losing the 2 stone was that in order to eat I had to work out. I therefore changed my gym strategy from lifting weights to doing intense cardio such as rowing, running and the elliptical trainer.

After losing this weight and for around 2 years I knew that I needed to lose more weight as I still had a fat belly and face. However after trying to do the My Fitness pal system again on and off and trying the Primal Diet I more or less give up on these.

Where I am now is around 3 weeks in to intermittent fasting after watching the Eat Fast and Live Longer BBC 2 documentary and reading more into this lifestyle. I will be using this section of the website to document more on how my diet and weight loss go over the coming years.