Merlin Passes

Our fun with the Merlin Passes

For my son Mason’s birthday in June 2012 we promised him that we would go to Lego land Windsor. This seems like the perfect place to take a 6 year old boy. However once I costed up the entrance fees for a family of 2 adults and 3 kids for 2 days entrance the cost was very expensive. merlin annual passIt was going to cost us around £250. This was including any buy one get one free deals or half price vouchers that we could find.

So instead I thought that I would spend around £525 and get Annual Merlin passes for us all. This way we would be paying another £275 but could use the Merlin Passes for a full year. Although the majority of the attractions were close to London there were a number of attractions in Blackpool which is only 1 hours drive from us.

This section will detail some of the attractions that we visited and contains several videos and photos that we took along the way.