standard Castle Hill Jubilee Tower and Emley Moor Mast Lit Up Different Coloursa

castle hillLast night I noticed that Castle Hill also known as Jubilee Tower in Huddersfield was lit up and was changing from one colour to another. Apparently Kirklees have arranged this to celebrate the 2014 Tour De France coming through Huddersfield. My son Max walked up from Newsome to have a closer look at the tower. Apparently there were hundreds of people gathering up there to view the colourful tower at a close range. There were even security guards up there to manage the crowds. I remember a few years ago when kirklees did a similar show at Castle Hill apparently a gang went up and stole the expensive lights that were worth thousands. No wonder this time they had security guards up there.

emley moor mastAnother one of the famous land marks around Huddersfield is Emley Moor Mast. This can be seen from miles around Huddersfield and Wakefield. I thinks this is the 1st time that this had been lit up in this way. But just like Caste Hill, Emley Moor Mast was lit up with Lights Changing Colours. They also had light beams half way up the mast shooting light into the sky.

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